For the understated. For the confident. For the original.



The name FLOOR indicates the plane and the base from which everything arises and from which all forms develop. A large empty space to be inspired spontaneously and where every color and texture come to life. 

The first collection created in 2016 takes inspiration from Moroccan ceramic art graphics and majolica floor designs. This is where FLOOR was born.

FLOOR is unconventional women’s clothing. Imagined with the modern woman in mind, the layered composition is the key point. Graphic lines and eclectic prints marry with luxe textures, all infused with a vintage undertone. Subtle and soft separates paired with a tailored fit, sumptuous knitwear and printed palazzo pants. Relaxed and effortless, but no less elegant, this is our take on the essentials of a multitasking wardrobe.

We are FLOOR; for the woman who is predictably unpredictable.



Boungalow 5 s.r.l. is an Italian family company founded in 2008 by Maurizio, Daniela and Sven. Our team is made up of people with great experience supported by young people who are always attentive to the continuous market innovations. This makes us a modern and dynamic company present on the international markets of 12 countries. The internationalization of the brand FLOOR is accompanied by the constant care and quality of the made in Italy craftsmanship of which our regional territory has been the leader for decades.


What makes us unique?

At FLOOR we understand that style evolves, but originality remains. Our muse is the woman whose signature is her unpredictability. She commands attention in the most understated way and rewrites the style rules with ease. Our handwriting? Confident, relaxed elegance with a hint of bohemian nostalgia.


The secret of our creativity

At FLOOR we are eternally curious. We find inspiration in moments and moods. A hazy Summers afternoon or the way a strap falls nonchalantly at the shoulder; a bright burst of abstract colour or the transient beauty of flowering blossom. In these moments, we find the inspiration for our collections, translating them into clothes that seamlessly take you from morning coffee to elegant soirée.


Our values

Environmental sustainability and the enhancement of our territory are our milestones. Ours is 100% made in Italy at zero km, as all the collections are created within our company and all the productions are entrusted to the best artisan workshops of our regional district. We work only with collections and reject the logic of fast fashion with a double objective: to reduce waste by placing only the required products on the market and to enhance the care and quality of the products using mainly natural and eco-sustainable fibers. Let’s imagine a future in which we can “buy less but buy better”.